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Our goal is to promote this incredible breed through
proven lineage on health, temperament and standard.

Garciano Cane Corso is owned by Antonio and Carrissa Garcia. In the past Tony owned and trained Rottweilers and Carri was raised with Labradors and Dobermans. We have always loved the large breed dogs, but also understand the responsibility that comes with them. The Cane Corso is as fierce in protection as he is in love and friendship. The Cane Corso is wonderful with children and totally committed to its owners. They do on the other hand, take a loving but strong hand to own them. They can, if allowed, be dominant. They are very intelligent and need good exercise and mental stimulation on a daily basis. If you are able to put the time into them, there is no greater breed in the world!

We live just outside of Chicago Il in Wayne. We have three children, Sean 23, Casey 19 and Tyler 15. Casey and Tyler grew up with our Corso from the age of 7 and 4. Even though the kids knew what to do with the dogs, they were never left alone with them. It is the responsibility of the owner to always follow this rule with children of any age.

We live on 1.2 acres of land purchased for the sole purpose of raising our Cane Corso. All of our dogs live in the house with us, and are considered valued family members. They are exercised 2x daily and accompany us as often as possible on outings. We are active in conformation and obedience, and agility. Our dogs come from proven European Champion lines and have certified hip and health certificates.

When we breed, we breed for standard, sound character and health. We put a major emphasis on placing our dogs in the perfect home. We feel the biggest challenge of a responsible breeder is to make sure the dogs go into the proper homes, because you are responsible for them for the rest of their lives. It’s very easy to sell a dog, people will always come up with the money, but it’s not so easy to get them into the homes that appreciate the time and care that goes into them, and to train them. It you are thinking about getting a Cane Corso, it is a lifetime commitment and that dog becomes a member of your family.


We are now offering dog training in the Western suburbs of Chicago. Contact us for more information.


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